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FM 760 / FM 760 Stainless Steel
FM 760 / FM 760 Stainless Steel
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Sealing Area
Maximum Product Size (W x L x H) 17.50" x 22.00" x 10.00"
Center Folded Film Types Polyolefin / PVC
Maximum Roll Width 24.00"
Maximum Roll Diameter 12.00"
Adjustable Product Height
Programmable Seal Arm Opener -
Automatic Lid Open
Teflon Coated Sealing Blade
Programmable Sealing Blade Temperature
Wraps per Minute* up to 9 items
External Pneumatic Seal Pressure Required -
Heater Wattage 3200W
Power Supply 230V / 1ph / 15A
Display & Controls
Water Resistant Digital Display LED
Digital Controls
Customizable Programs 10
Operational Features
Machine Type Manual
Automatic: Seal»Cut»Release
Automatic: Seal»Cut»Release»Advance -
Sealing Blade Heat Impulse
3 Working Modes
(Bag Only/Bag & Shrink/Multiples)
Auto-Entry Conveyer -
Auto-Discharge Conveyer -
Adjustable Hood Opening
Conveyor Belt Modes -
Programmable Conveyer Speed -
Kissing Belt for Small Items -
Overheat Safety Circuit
No Moving Parts Exposed -
Photo Cell Activation -
Precision Blade Cooling System -
Tearless Perforation System
Stainless Entry Plate
Double-Insulated Tunnel Walls -
18" Exit Roll Conveyor -
Sealing Activation Modes -
USDA Belting System -
Patented Safety System -
Lid / Seal Arm Closure Manual
Easy Frontal Access
Indicating Display
Operating/Running/Problem Light -
Error Codes
1 Year Limited Warranty
Housing & Dimensions
Material (Steel / Baked Enamel) or (Stainless Steel)
Width x Length 50.00" x 32.00"
Height (Lid open/closed) 52.00" / 46.00"
Working Height 36.00"
Locking Casters
Shipping Weight 295lbs
Optional Features
Taller Hood -
Single Hole Punch
Entry Film Opener
Automatic Waste Winder
Film Waste Ring -
Product Guide -
Second Film Roll Kit -
40" Film Roll Support -
6.56ft Infeed/Outfeed Conveyor -
Entry Belt Scrapper and Collector -
Printed Film Kit -
Foot Pedal -
Teflon Belt for Tunnel -
200-208V Single Phase
*Depends on type of product, film and operator ability.
Specifications may change without notice.